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The Happiness Trap


The Confidence Gap


The Reality Slap


The User's guide to the human mind


The Weight Escape


Living with you body and other things you hate


Things might go terribly, horribly wrong: A guide to life liberated from anxiety





You tube videos

Demons on the boa

Passengers on the bus


The unwelcome party guest







Audio including mindfulness tracks

My amateur mindfulness MP3s 




Mindfulness rationale


Mindfulness of the breath 


Accepting emotions


Noticing 5 things


Walking meditation 


Mindfulness of domestic chores


Loving kindness meditation 


Mindfulness of eating a sultana (sultana required)



For some other free mindfulness exercises online check out;


ACT Made Simple - Mindfulness of the Hand exercise

ACT Made Simple - Hexaflexercise

5 Guided Mindfulness tracks

15 minutes awareness exercise

Leaves on the stream 

Thoughts on a highway exercise 

Body scan mindfulness 

Tin can monster 

ACT observer exercise 

Mindfulness Skills Volumes 1 and 2 


6 ACT Conversations 






Accept and Change 
Ann Bailey and Joseph Ciarrochi’s website devoted to using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help people live a meaningful, vital life


"BeyondBlue" is a website dedicated to providing a national focus and community leadership to increase the capacity of the broader Australian community to prevent depression and respond effectively.



"Moodgym" is a study of depression bydelivering interventions for depression by using the internet. the objective is to evaluate the efficacy of two internet interventions for community-dwelling individuals with symptoms of depression—a psychoeducation website offering information about depression and an interactive website offering cognitive behaviour therapy.


PAM Guide 

Panic Anxiety Mood Guide website seeks to bring hope to those who suffer from a panic, anxiety or mood disorder. It is designed to help recognition and self-education, steps towards obtaining a diagnosis and treatment. It is also a source of information, for all, on the most prevalent psychiatric diagnoses.


Living life to the full

Free online life skills course for people feeling distressed and their carers.  Helps you understand why you feel as you do and make changes in your thinking, activities, sleep and relationships.



ARAFMI provides services and support to families and friends of people with mental health issues. Their services include support groups, advocacy and community education.


Anxiety Self Help Association (ASHA)

The Anxiety Self Help Association is a voluntary self-help organisation that aims to provide support for people in Western Australia who have anxiety disorders. They provide a number of services including newsletters, workshops, guest speakers, and a library.


Centre for Clinical Interventions

Centre for Clinical Interventions has a wealth of information about various psychological problems, printable information and worksheets and online modules.



A community mental health movement which offers weekly self-help groups for people with personal and emotional problems.


Dads in Distress

Dads in distress is a dedicated support group of men (in Australia) whose immediate concern is to stem the present trend of male suicide due to the trauma of divorce or separation





To save time at your intial consultation please print, complete and bring your intake form.


To clarify what is important to you, identify barriers and work out an action plan please download the values questionnaire in either word or pdf form. 

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